Day 1 – December 21 2018

First day of winter!

Happy Anniversary, Sweetheart. I love you.

Minutes average hr total heartbeats KM beats/km
102 125 12750 12.5 1020

My heartbeats per kilometer suggest that this was an exciting run.

I’ve been a bit nervous about this season, since I have (for me) ambitious mileage and consistency goals. Because of this, I think it sensible to strictly limit any other goals for now. Mission-creep could pile up on me.

This was a beautiful run, with the weather down around -20C with the wind chill, and enough frost on everything to make it feel like I was running in a snow globe. 

Judi got a photo of me as I got home.

422496300018140405 copy

Todays training tip:

My sweethearts favourite – bring a hankie.

I carry a handkerchief when running, because I’m a bit dainty. Using it in the winter is a way to hide my snot-sickles from people when I stop somewhere, or catching the beard-sickles which would otherwise pollute shop counters, floors and people’s lunches.

It can also serve as an emergency tourniquet, bug-mask, and part of a robber costume in other contexts.

Glad to have one along all the time, but since my sweetheart took such a liking to carrying one, I’m convinced it is a valuable idea to share.

Incidental robber costume, from a warmer time

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