Day #2 – December 22 2018

Minutesaverage hrtotal heartbeatsKMbeats/km

Under 1 heartbeat per meter today! That’s GOT to be good, right?

Beautiful run again today. I took in some daylight, and after a few kilometers of residential streets, crossed Frame Lake and saw skiers and other tourists. I met Mr. Konge, who has a cool rig he uses to set the ski track around the lake. He was on his skis for a change, and agreed to hold still for a photo.

Afterward, I half-circled Niven Lake, then took Niven Drive back around to Franklin, then across the causeway to a small loop in N’Dilo, then back. My phone died as I started back, but it wasn’t a big problem. My cadence dropped 2 or 3 beats per minute, but I doubt it makes much difference at that point.

Todays training tip:

Stunt runs – Some of the conditions here are hazardous to runners. The cold is a big one, and provides a kind of benchmark.

At temperatures at or below -30C (including wind chill) I treat running outside as a bit of a stunt. As such, I’ll take a few extra steps to ensure I don’t embarrass myself with frostbite or something.

For stunt runs, I must have my best socks, full charges on needed batteries, flight-following, periodic deliberate checks for frozen toes/nose, coban bandage kit, space blanket, thumbnail knife and lighter.

Not as big a deal as it sounds, since most of this stuff comes along with me every time anyway.

One of my early running mentors, Datsun, demonstrating good running form

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