Day #4 December 24, 2018

Weather: Stunt Run!

A chilly, sunny and hoarfrost-crusted -26C (feels like -32C) with light winds, even during the lake crossing.

Photo by C. Twa
Dashed ahead momentarily to get a shot of the group. (Mara is hidden but pacing Mr. F.)

Minutesaverage hrtotal heartbeatsKMbeats/km

It looks a bit like a lower heart rate run yields a lower ‘beats-per-kilometer’ value. I think more running should help clarify. 🙂

This morning (hey – noon IS morning on Christmas Eve!) Judi and I ran with our good friends Cam and Paul, and our new friends Mara and Anna May.

I was going to have another run in the evening, but decided on cheesecake instead.

Some friends running disco on the McMahon Frame Lake Trail

Training Tip:

Put your smartphone in a sandwich bag, in an inner pocket to keep the battery from freezing while reducing moisture/condensation.

With my touchscreen, I can still unlock my phone via fingerprint, navigate the menus a bit, and even take hazy photos.

I sometimes also put a small piece of sealhide in the bag, to hold a bit of warmth and to absorb a bit of moisture. The bag is mostly good enough to keep it out, but I tend to take it out for improved photos along the way.

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