Day #6 December 26, 2018



With temperatures well below -30C, this run was to be treated like a stunt, and I did. It was too cold to commit to the next segment (with no houses/streets around for some of the route) and while I probably could have been fine, last year the frostbite I enjoyed tuned me in more to how this particular problem creeps up.

So I called it early, came home, and have a boring story about not getting frostbite.

Minutesaverage hrtotal heartbeatsKMbeats/km

This was an easy effort run, as I was planning to run quite a bit longer until my stuff started feeling cold. Still an hour of good cardio, and I’m unreasonably proud of having my heart beating less than one beat per meter with this mode of travel.

Season totals are shaping up!

My running goal is based only on weekly mileage, along with the daily running commitment here. The way I have been aiming to keep it reasonable is like this:

At the beginning of each week, I figure out my weekly goal divided by 7. This week, for example, my goal is 96.5km, so 96.5/7=13.8km each day. If I run more than that distance each day (going by feel, and taking care with my aging bones), then I ‘earn’ myself a short run Sunday.

This week I changed things up, by running a small run on Monday (with a great group). This means I need to run 15km each day remaining this week, if I hope to ‘earn’ myself a short run Sunday. With today being also a short run, I may have to toss in an extra long one (weather permitting) to make it up. Not a huge deal if I miss my distance this far out. Lots of room for adjustment.

Daily Training Tip:

Wash a sinkful of dishes to pre-warm your hands before going out into cold weather. If your feet are sensitive, wear your shoes awhile in the house for the same reason.

It’s MUCH easier to stay warm, than to get warm.

Image by Judi Mah, and one of my favourite shots, from the Dettah Road, before the Robertson Headframe was demolished.

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