Day #7 December 27, 2018

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Weather: Stunt run!

With temperatures well below -30C, I did the extra planning and loaded my pockets with the extra gear.

My advanced cell phone case

Here is the ‘advanced cell phone case’. A sandwich bag, and a piece of hide to trap some warmth and provide a layer between phone and outdoors. (my cell phone needs to be accessible, so I can put up quality images like this:

Season going well so far

Today’s run was a treat. Brutal cold cut it short a bit, but not without learning useful things.

My sweetheart got me a singlet last year, and while I tried it a couple times, I never used it because of how complicated it is to take a piss.

Today, I added this fleece singlet as an extra layer. I didn’t put it on fully, it only covered from thighs to chest, but that has been a problem area. With the layer arranged this way, I was able to keep the critical areas warmer, and while taking a piss was still a bit more work, it wasn’t too bad.

I got to a bailout point about 14 km in, and decided to shear off and go home. Like yesterday, I was a bit too cold to take the route I had planned, and when on a ‘stunt run’, I stick to my plan or go home and make a new one.

I still ate my ‘gel’ (Purdy’s Peanut Butter Fingers), even though I was running home. They are very tasty! (Thanks, Judi!)

Still a pretty good run. I feel like I’m falling into daily running very easily.

I did take a lot of time to prepare, so that makes sense.

Daily Training Tip:

Carefully assess feelings in extremeties and other cold-troubled areas regularly.

When running during dangerously cold days, I set a few checkpoints, and do a brief inventory of toes, fingers, face, ears, groin and tummy. These are all areas which can get quite cold without realizing, so focusing deliberately on them, periodically, is an effort to avoid frostnip or frostbite.

Generally, I place these checks at key parts of the run so that I can ‘bail out’ easily and safely, if I decide to.

If you are checking a buddy, look for discoloured, white areas on their skin, particularly on their face. This is one of the visible early indicators.

Meghan, loving the challenge she is jogging through. This is among the reasons I call that section ‘Meghan Trail’ 

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