Day #8 December 28, 2018

Weather: Similar to yesterday, but with slightly better prep, I was able to enjoy the whole planned distance.

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Tonight’s run started out normal enough. I once again used the extra ‘part-singlet’ layer to good thermal advantage. There was a bit of trouble when I stopped for a pee, but it all came out alright.

Once past The Escalator, I enjoyed being out of sight of the city, and taking in the quiet hoarfrost-lined tunnel it seemed I was running through.

As I got to the end of Stock Lake Trail, I heard some coyotes or wolves howling to the northeast. As I got to the highway crossing, these sounds were joined by an angry-sounding dog. My route didn’t go there anyway, but with my snacktime due, I decided to delay eating just a bit, because I’ll be DAMNED if I’m going to share my peanut butter finger with a gaggle of wolves or coyotes.

As I finished my Niven Lake Trail loop, I ran into another canine, this one leashed to a Canadian Military Officer. My guard was down, his charm was up.

He got my extra Peanut Butter Finger.

Heck, I even hope ‘Officer-So-And-So’ enjoys it.

The rest of the run home was uneventful. I did change my route slightly, to keep me further from the active coyote/wolf/dog fracas. Still got all the kilometers I was after today though. My last lake crossing was quite a bit colder than I would like at that stage of a run, but no problems – it will just help me plan better next time.

Training Tip: Water in the cold.

Winter running is funny. Water everywhere, and not a drop to drink.

I’m told melting snow by eating it is not efficient enough to meet hydration needs. I’ve eaten a bit of snow, but never tried to get my thirst quenched. I’m quite confident that it would suck.

Water bottles I’ve tried, tend to have the nozzle freeze wherever I’ve carried them.

The latest thing is to use my hydration backpack, with the line managed differently. After every drink, I blow the water out of the line, which kept it from freezing. The nozzle froze again, but I was able to tuck it down my ample cleavage, where it thawed fairly quickly.

It’s tough to tell when I’ve blown enough, so I relied on feeling the bladder inflate. This led, by the second drink, to a lot of sloshing. Not a real problem, but I might find ways to improve efficiency. Stay tuned!

One of my earliest coaches, Mark Miller, running into the Coop entrance of the Marylyn Robertson Trail

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