Day #9 December 29, 2018


Same as yesterday, low 20’s with wind bringing it down another 10 degrees.

Minutesaverage hrtotal heartbeatsKMbeats/km

Low average heart rate, less than one heartbeat per meter, all in all a great evening for a run.

Today I altered the singlet I was using. I cut the top off, around the nipple line, then rolled the remainder and tacked it in a few places. This roll makes it easy to find my way in when I need to pee. It seems to be once or twice per run. Makes me glad I run trails mainly.

Nearly a thousand minutes, and still not ten days in to the season 🙂

Training Tip: Strava

Strava is an app which tracks your activities, and allows you to share/compete/club up with your friends, near and far.

On your smartphone, it uses GPS to track your route, speed and if connected, heart rate.

On the web page, you can route plan, search race ‘segments’ and stalk your friends ‘course records’.

I also make use of it, when a run is a ‘stunt run’, to provide a route and time estimate to my ‘flight follower’ (Judi – thanks my love).

I have really been enjoying one aspect of it.

It’s free.

There is a paid version, with some advanced features, but I’ve been enjoying the free version for years, and I’m happy to report that it works great.

Check it out at and for an example of how awesome some connected wizardry can be, check out this link
to see my 2018 in sport.

Thanks very much to Strava, for making their service available to everyone, even if they can’t afford a monthly fee.


Even the ravens get hoarfrosted when it’s really cold!

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