Day #10 December 30, 2018

Weather: STUNT RUN!!! (-34C feels like -42C)

My first weather warning of the season.

I took a bit of extra precaution today, to be respectful of the laudable efforts of Environment Canada. I expect everything to be fine, but I’ll be more diligent about my checks and my kit (I forgot my snacks yesterday, for example)

Went all-out today, and used a brand new phone case (with the same-old piece of hide)
Minutesaverage hrtotal heartbeatsKMbeats/km

A slower run seems to cost more heartbeats per kilometer. hmm…..

This run was fine, but I found that I was getting cold in my hamstrings, of all places. Not a big deal, but I don’t mind missing a few kilometers on a chilly night like tonight.

Training Tip: Plan a safer route

With today’s cold weather warning, I changed my planned route, in order to keep bailout points closer to home. Basically, make loops smaller, and make it easier to get home if I get cold. This route had me never further than a 20 minute run from my front door.

Frosted trail frame

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