Day #11 December 31, 2018

First, a look back at running in 2018 for me.

292 runs this year (so far) totalling a bit over 3000kms.

More importantly, I had some awesome runs, with my awesome people.

My ‘RunWithMe’ sheet shows 98 runs with others that I remembered to log, and a total of 7 individuals with 3 or more runs. Mostly old running pals, but a couple new ones as well.

35 names got on the list this year. I really should decide how to choose when to add someone, but I guess I prefer my spreadsheets a bit lackadaisical.

Last year, I wiped all the names off, and started again. Might do the same this year.

That runwithme page is a terrific reminder of how much I liked running with everyone. Most of all Judi, Cam, Meghan and Michelle, but I know I’ll miss some, so I’ll stop there except to touch on one of the runs I had with an olympic athlete and educator, Evan Dunfee.

Mr. Dunfee was in town to share his love of his sport (racewalking) and took the time to slow down, and run around Frame Lake with me. Afterward, we went to the Bistro for a quick bite, and he ordered oatmeal.

Mr. Dunfee, making Yellowknife look GOOD!

I have no idea about the finer points of his nutrition plan, but making choices like that must make it easier to execute even the strictest plan.

I may have admired that tiny moment a bit more than seems reasonable, but cut me some slack – I had just earned a runners high working out with a world-class athlete.

I was a bit starstruck.

This showed me clearly how a determined individual can nearly always find better food choices – even at restaurants where all I seem to find are excuses. 🙂

Another highlight of 2018 was my opportunity to work with a coach. One of Canada’s truly elite athletes, Emily Setlack. After asking about what training plans were available through Team Setlack, she simply offered to coach me, for free, to prepare for my Klondike Road Relay. Coach Setlack spent months giving me weekly custom training plans, nearly daily feedback via email, and a course analysis in the days before my race which was a huge help. It was an incredible gift and I am still enjoying the benefits of it.

Another great memory started at the end of the 2018 Yellowknife Marathon. I photographed the event, and stayed to capture images of all of the participants. The second-last person to cross the finish line was a man named Rich Holmes. He was, at that time, a finisher of around 700 marathons, had completed 5 on each continent, and had (most admirably) continued to enjoy running into his retirement. Mr. Holmes has also given me some information about running via email correspondence.

Mr. Holmes completing the Overlander Sports Marathon in Yellowknife 2018

I am really thankful for how easy it is to learn from some of the elite athletes who run. If you have a hero in the running world, I highly recommend telling them so, and even reaching out to them for advice. In the running world, the worst that is likely to happen is that they run away!

On to today’s run:

Minutesaverage hrtotal heartbeatsKMbeats/km

A short, easy one today. I bumped into a neighbour who joined me for part of the run. Excellent way to finish my year!

Ready to go out in the cold, pictured are ski goggles, toque, neoprene skidoo mask, headlamp, red foreskin, jacket, sweater, sweater, (not pictured sweater, and another sweater)

Sunny, gorgeous clear day! Took my time stopping to chat with strangers and puppies. Busy day full of smiling people (or was that squinting…?)

Sealhide overmitts – one of my favourite bits of running gear.
A day beautiful enough to bring tears to your eyes – where they remain until you thaw.

Just as I came through the snowmobile tunnel by the Coop, I noticed a lot of new, wet-looking ice. Slowing, I went through, and got a pretty good soaker.

liquid water presents unique hazards in this cold

Cold day for it, but I have dealt with these before. It’s probably most important that you know how you will deal with it before it happens, so as not to rush a decision in the moment.


Cold, with additional cold

Still cold

As cold as the weather is, I found the sunshine made it feel warm.

Training Tip: Wind Direction

When planning a run, remember that running upwind can be significantly colder than running downwind. In temperatures colder than -30C (my ‘stunt run’ threshold) I make it a point to choose my route and direction with wind taken into consideration.


I love Judi

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