Day #13 January 2 2019


A much warmer day, combined with more fresh snow, made for another really tough run. At this temperature, not only is the snow very soft, it is also a lot more slippery than at colder temperatures.

Minutesaverage hrtotal heartbeatsKMbeats/km

Tonights run was delayed by a visit from a friend. I’m really glad he stopped by though, because he showed me how to fix something on my run tracking spreadsheet. It will be better equipped to add ‘run with me’ stats very soon. Then it’s time to fill them up!

Training Tip:

Garmin Graphs – elevation

Garmin collects lots of data, above is the graph view of elevation (from yesterdays run).

I haven’t found this to be very useful on it’s own, but when overlaid with pace or cadence, it can help me see how hills are affecting my running.

Dettah Ice Road run last year

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