Day #14 January 3 2019


Nearly back to normal temperatures. The snow is still pretty soft, where it has been blowing around, but it’s getting firmer.

Not that 320m section crossing Frame Lake near the hospital – that was like running through damp sand. It sucked almost enough to turn around after 50m. Almost.

As long as it stays cold, it should be lovely in a day or two.

Minutesaverage hrtotal heartbeatsKMbeats/km

Todays run was a lot harder than intended, but that might be because of Marathon Dave.

Molly looking blurry as usual

Nothing he did wrong, you understand – it’s just that he inspires me to run harder. My average heart rate reflects that difference too. Usually, the recovery recommended by my garmin (which is based on heart rate, at least partly) is somewhere les that 24 hours. Today, it recommends 58. I guess I’ll be running slow for the next few days.

It may sound a bit silly, but I was worried I wouldn’t be able to run today (after hours of snow-shoveling cardio). I shouldn’t have worried. I put out a harder run than I expected, and even half an hour later here at home, my legs feel pretty damned good.

Just a reminder, fellow runners – the first couple kilometers are a lie.

VERY happy I did this run today. It was good to catch up with Dave. He’s coming to Calgary in May, so I hope we get a lot more opportunities to train together.

Training Tip:

Garmin Graphs – pace

This is one of the garmin graphs I do find useful. Here it shows my first stop at the lights on Old Airport Road, where another pedestrian was wearing the same toque as me (how EMBARASSING!!!), then my next at Javaroma, where I met Marathon Dave, then a speed peak (where I chose to hover because my pace was 4:01 min/km – however briefly) after my restroom stop back at Javaroma, then my last pace dip where I waited for the lights at Taylor, on my way home.

The various garmin graphs do allow you to review your runs in interesting ways.

Interesting doesn’t always mean useful.

My Sweetheart running with Molly Agnes Dinkle on the Amisk Wuche trail in Elk Island National Park, Alberta Canada

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