Day #15 January 4 2019

Weather: – Stunt run!

Crisp and cold, but a lack of wind made it beautiful to be out in. The snow was still very soft, and so I only crossed the lake once. Well, twice I guess.

Minutesaverage hrtotal heartbeatsKMbeats/km

Changed my plan a little way in, once I saw that the trail was still soft. I am still running recovery runs, so I decided to cross the lake to Somba K’e Park instead of taking Stock Lake Trail to Niven. Only 1100 meters, but it was SUPER hard, with soft snow and not much hardpacked track.

Sealhide spats

About half way across, I passed Mr. Konge going the other way, grooming the ski trails, grinning and waving. (see feature photo today at the end of this post for his cool tractor)

I waved hi, but didn’t want to stop because he would have seen how hard I was gasping and wheezing.

Fancy phone case and a bit of hide to keep it warm

Once I got to the park, I steered over to round Niven Lake, while I thought again about trying the Stock Lake Trail.

I didn’t have it in me. I’ve been a bit tired lately, so I took it easy.

On the way home, I crossed paths with ‘Sharon’ (unless I misheard or misremember) She slowed right down as I passed, and I said hi. She exclaimed excitedly, and reached up to feel the ice in my beard. I still couldn’t see who she was, and was asking ‘do I know you?’ I didn’t really hear, but she seemed high as balls. I wished her a good night, and continued on my way.

She was certainly on her way to a good night. The trail all the way to Somba K’e park is amazing right now.

Training Tip: Garmin charts – Heart rate

Of all the elements which Garmin charts, this is the one I find most useful, and is in fact one of the main reasons I wanted such a device.

This feature, more than speed, can tell me what sort of a workout I accomplished. Footing, weather, wind and friends can all affect a workout, but this kind of info sees through it all.

Mr. Konge’s hobby

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