Day #19 January 8 2019

Weather: Stunt Run!!!

Just like yesterday, but a bit colder due to lack of company šŸ™‚

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Daily outdoor running, through winter is sometimes tough in unexpected ways. Today, when going to get dressed, the clothes I expected to be dry were not yet.

OK, laundry confession time – I don’t launder my running clothes every time.

WHEW! Good to have THAT off my chest!

So I have this maze of drying woolies, which are in a special rotation. One hat ready, one drying and another in backup. That sort of thing.

I’m lucky enough that I have all I need to meet my running needs, but it’s a reminder of how many things can screw up a run. I wore the same shoes today, and though they felt ok starting out, I’m pretty sure they were still wet, and I felt it by about 2 – 3 km along. No biggie, I wasn’t dangerously cold.

Season is barking along quite madly

Running the same route as yesterday, I quite enjoyed it.

Yesterday, being accompanied by a local runner, I found myself asking her if her toes were ok, as if it were for her own benefit.

I mean, I DID think it was, yesterday.

Today, running past those spots, I remembered even more firmly about my self-check of my toes and other vulnerable bits. Because of this, I am reminded that ‘preach what you practice’ is also a helpful approach.

Wouldn’t I be embarrassed if, after warning her about frostbite, I let myself get burnt?

Another ordinary day

If you check out todays last photo, you’ll see a group called the Javarunners. This gang, started by a super guy, Mr. Magrum, has been running Yellowknife, summer and winter, for years. I wanted to mention them to show that, not only can I run outside every day, but LOTS of people, from all kinds of running backgrounds, run outside here. It is a BEAUTIFUL way to enjoy the winter, and once you get the gear sorted out, it’s not uncomfortably cold at all.

These happy faces should convince you, but if they don’t, just join them one Saturday morning at Javaroma for a run! They usually meet at 9, but you can find them on facebook for more info.

Training Tip: Garmin graphs ā€“ Ground Contact Time Balance

This graph tends to be a bit more useful, at least in retrospect.

It tells you how much time your foot is in contact with the ground, relative to the other foot. I’ve mostly ignored any difference of 1% or less (my surface conditions are fairly irregular) but if the difference gets larger, it draws my attention back to form.

One example was that during a recovery run, after an injury, I thought I was fine, but when looking at the graph, I was favouring one side heavily. This delayed my return to high-effort work, and may have saved me further injury.

Me enjoying a group run with the ‘Javarunners’

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