Day #20 January 9 2019

Weather: Stunt Run.

Looks like stunt runs for the foreseeable future. As always, the Weather Network promises that it will warm up significantly in about 6 days.

Minutesaverage hrtotal heartbeatsKMbeats/km

This was the same route as the last two nights, and a thoughtful run. I found tonight a bit cold, in the early parts. While my preparations are careful, my gear is tight, and my batteries are full, it still struck me that this is just not right.

It’s colder than most people’s freezers. The wind is harsh enough to freeze my tears before they even fall away from my eyes, and I don’t even want to talk about the amount of snot-cicles that make a horrendous ice-smile on my masks.

I’ve been feeling slow, and fairly regularly feel like I dressed wrong (mostly overdressed). I’m ok with that, but I might soon do a short 5k run, wearing a lot less and aiming a lot faster. Maybe I’ll attempt the Frame Lake Crossing Segment one way or the other. That makes a convenient 6 or so from home.

Even though I’m complaining, the footing is really great. This is the best kind of trail to run on – gently curving singletrack, foot-smoothed especially for me, by a team of volunteer trailrunners I don’t even know.

Sure is thoughtful of them to do all that for me. If you know someone who runs trails here in the winter, tell them I said thanks!

Training Tip: Garmin graphs – Aerobic Training Effect

Garmin’s Aerobic Training Effect gives you a rating for how well you did on a workout. It does seem to correspond with high effort, and another feature which shows on the watch – recovery time.

I regularly use this as a guide to keep things easy. If I am not recovered ‘according to Garmin’, I keep my heart rate below 132 bpm for that run. Usually, it ends up significantly lower.

Some admirable endurance athletes, wriggling in the traces to get going.

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