Day #23 January 12 2019

Weather: Stunt run

Just cold enough to be extra cautious. Beautiful day for it.

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Took a little Molly to get me going.

It’s pretty easy, with a bit of photo editing, and some nifty filters, to highlight only the glamorous parts of running.

Hidden Bronco Trail? Where the hell WAS I?

However, my sweetheart was excited to bump into me as I finished todays run, and she caught something closer to the real story.

It might look nicer if both nostrils were running
It might look nicer if both nostrils were running

Not a bad run. Easy effort, with the nastiest cold out of the way early, by crossing the Frame Lake first, instead of last.

After crossing , I turned into the wind and headed to the trailhead at the Legislative Assembly. The wind died down along there, becoming much less of a factor.

Once in the trail, I looked for the connector I ran last night, found it and slogged back through it. Much easier to keep this trail packed, than to start again later.

Stock Lake Trail was the treat it usually is. I ran into a skidoo there, but he pulled over, waited for me to pass, and didn’t soften the trail too much with his passing.

Before turning back to Marylyn Robertson Trail, I found a ‘13.1’ lanyard dangling from a tree-branch. No medal, but it might be a flag for someone, so I left it alone.

When approaching the skidoo tunnel by Coop, I pulled my phone out and posted a bit to Instagram. The tunnel has been flooding and freezing, and was impassable yesterday between being icy and being wet.

There was a backhoe there chopping a channel free, to allow the water to flow somewhere else. It should be good again soon. Still a pretty thick layer of ice near the coop end, but passing skidoos should rough it up enough to be decent footing before too long.

Going to be an absolute shit-show in the spring. I’ll try to keep you posted.

Instagram video screenshot showing ice buildup in tunnel

Training Tip: put your shoes on while standing on one foot

Todays tip comes to us from our grandparents fitness world. I found it in a fitness program I’ll talk more about later, but it’s called 5BX and it comes from a very simple graphic.

I started doing this, and forgot where I got the idea. Recently, I was reviewing the program, and realized how much I got out of that one graphic. Here is a video from summer.

This video shows what happens if you do that sort of thing, slightly challenging, over a long time.

When choosing how to use this as a leg test, I plan to ‘fail’ the test about 1 out of 10 times, normally.

So slightly challenging, but not too tough.

I started with what I could do, and picked some clear targets, such as this:

Raise one foot, put shoe on, put foot down.

Once that got easy, I would add tying the shoe.

After that, I would add bending over to pick up the shoe.

At any of these stages, if I lost balance, and needed to grab a support or put a foot down, I ‘failed’ the test that day.

So start with a 60’s cartoon, and slowly make whatever balance improvements you find useful.

Real friends don’t care if your shoes match. Pelicans do though. Pelicans are dicks.

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