Day #24 January 13 2019

Weather:Stunt Run!

Anything below a certain temperature needs no further distinction. That’s why when everything below -30C I just consider it fucking cold.

Minutesaverage hrtotal heartbeatsKMbeats/km

Well under one beat per meter. I feel like a badass.

A slower pace seems to yield a lower heartbeats per kilometer. Either that or the pre-run program of popcorn and curling hit a sweet spot.

Team Hudy at the Masters Playdown for the NWT, over popcorn

This was a recovery run with my sweetheart. She tried out a new footwear option, and I tried out a new podcast.

Strength Running is the name of the podcast. It was recommended by a strong runner / physician I know. This podcast was what sounds like an athlete intake, for coaching. He took a history of the person, discussed their goals and started planning their season working together. It was pretty well done and a good listen. I’ve taken in three or four of their podcasts so far, and enjoyed them.

My first run on the freshly opened Dettah Ice Road. 

My first run of the year with my sweetheart 🙂 These are my favourite runs. If you are lucky, you might get to run with her, too.

Training Tip: Metronome

When running, I use a metronome app to help me to maintain a consistent cadence.

I initially tried it as a way to correct my form, by shortening my stride. It worked well, and I liked it so much I have left it running ever since.

Using 90bpm and allowing it to play in the background, it is easy to stick it to one foot to keep time. This works for me with varying terrain, or playlist.

The metronome has been quite useful in other fitness applications as well, helping to measure out reps for various exercises. Doing pullups with a steady ‘2 seconds up, 2 seconds down’ helped me with consistency.

Stock Lake Trail during a warmer season

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