Day #27 January 16 2019


Weather: Stunt Run!

Morning weather report

Today’s route was going to be a bit out of town, with a pal. With the weather as cold as it is, he and I opted for a better day.

Minutesaverage hrtotal heartbeatsKMbeats/km

I was texting with a training partner, Joe, who lives in Norman Wells, NWT. It seems he is dealing with very similar temperatures, but a good deal more wind. He has been wearing ski goggles to combat the worst of it.

Joe Caidler wearing it well.

It reminds me gently that Yellownkife isn’t – by FAR – the toughest place to train.

Joe has been an inspiring training partner in part, because of the challenges he faces. Training for him is like being in Yellowknife, except that it’s cold, remote and a small population. He gets it done just the same, and most importantly, seems to celebrate even his most challenging runs.

It was because of Joe that I signed up for this race. I was texting with him one evening and he let me know that he was going to do the 50k race in Calgary, for his 50th year. I liked the idea so much, I signed up right away. I’m looking forward to comparing notes through our training.

Tonight’s run was brutally cold. As I stepped out, thinking everything was covered, I noticed that my forehead was getting very cold. I realized I had left my glasses on, so tucked them in a pocket.

With that heat-sink gone, my face warmed up enough. My left foot was still a bit cold, even though I was wearing my winter runners.

Speaking of winter runners, I usually just use regular shoes, but last year, I won a pair of Peregrine Ice+ 7, from . They had a contest with the hashtag #wearewinterwarriors and it seemed kind of cut out for me. I really noticed the extra warmth, especially on the coldest days.

The day they announced my win, was my second day of recovery from frostbite. I had burned my toes just a couple days before, by being too ready to go on. Great timing, kind of cemented the lesson.

As I got to Coop, one of my ‘checkstops’, I thought it was wiser to avoid the trail, do the colder lake crossing first. It was cold, but manageable. Even comfortable, once I got a steady rhythm going.

After touring Somba K’e Park, I headed toward the Legislature where I would cross to begin my circuit of Niven Lake. It was still a bit too cold, and I considered going straight back via Franklin (shortest route). It was still not too bad, so I tried the trail.

Should have known. It was warm and beautiful. OK, it was still -30 or -40C, but with the wind cut, and the concrete behind me, everything just seemed better. I popped out of the trail by Coop and checked out the mess by the big leak. Water has flowed almost all the way through the tunnel, creating ice. As I expected, skidoos have been roughing the surface and it is easy enough to run on.

Photo by Staples, since I was thinking about them while listening to my headphones

I’m convinced that the regular paved surfaces are colder on my feet than foot-packed trails. Good news, since I like running in there more anyway.

I’ll still make time for the ice road, of course 🙂

Training Tip:  Wireless headphones – Staples warranty

I have had several pairs of headphones through my sweaty running adventures. Wired pairs quickly failed, usually at the in-line switch. When I got my first Plantronics Backbeat fit, they were a treat. After about a year though, the near-daily sweat/air-dry/charge cycle did them in. I got a second pair, and they died the same way. (an examination showed extensive corrosion of the PCB inside the earpiece on both after failure)

Next, I took a different tack. I went to ask about the warranty they are always trying to sell me at Staples.

It’s great.

I talked to an associate about my preference, and we tried a wired pair. They failed fairly quickly, and we (warranty to the rescue) tried a different pair. They are great, and though they failed later on, Staples just replaced them again. Warranty is worth more than brand preference for me.

I’ll be looking to Staples, and their awesome, local warranty replacement service, for all my electronics. The Associate tells me they sell running watches, maybe they also sell Petzl lights. I mean, mine is good, but I’ve been running and charging it almost daily. It can’t be expected to live forever 🙂

If you look closely, you may see what is affecting my headphones so much

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