Day #28 January 17 2019

Weather: Stunt run!

Brilliant night! Warm and comfortable the whole time, with a good movie to think about on my run.

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I just watched this flick, and am tickled that I can enjoy this kind of lesson in the warmth and comfort of my living room. I ran it over to the hospital, to lend it to a pal before hitting the trails.

I couldn’t find any information about it online, but there was a curious part during the field dressing, where the narrators describe a few of the gut parts.

They are called the thimble, the bible and the hair net. The hair net is kind of a fat deposit. The bible and thimble are essentially tripe. I also couldn’t find any information about those parts online. I wonder how far ranging that description of is. Is it just for the Fort Smith area? All of Northern Canada? Probably somewhere in between.

A mostly uneventful run. I took the short way across the lake (between the Hospital and Frame Lake Beach). After going around Niven and heading up the highway, where I saw a Moonie who seemed to be operating a speed trap.

Ducking into the trails afterward, I wished I could spend a lot more time running them tonight. I blasted around a bit enthusiastically, but stayed on plan and stuck to my ‘stunt run’ protocol.

The trail had quite a bit more traffic than usual. I saw one person walking the other way.

Arrived home STILL wanting more. That’s exactly the way I want it.

Training Tip:  Scoobys Workshop

Today I want to direct you to a website, youtube channel and host of other resources, which I used to lose weight, improve cardio and build strength.

Scooby’s Workshop

At first, it was just a calorie calculator for me.

Next, I started following his Beginner Workout.

While doing so, I did his ‘Run Your First Mile, Then A Half Marathon‘ program.

Later, he encouraged me further by awarding me a coveted t-shirt, for winning his fitness transformation challenge.

One of my favourite quotes of Scoobys is ‘fitness is free, don’t buy anything‘. He does have some paid services, but you don’t need any of them to log a huge win for your health.

Reach out to him on his social media channels, too. He is very responsive.

I used to be a non-runner.

I did his programs exclusively, and strictly, to achieve this transformation. In part because I wanted to be able to show what diligence and his free program could yield.

I’m very happy to have found him, as his price is very helpful. Not just because its cheap (YAY FREE!!!) but because cutting the money out of this simplifies a lot.

Since I didn’t waste time making decisions about spending on fitness programs, gyms, tinctures, powders, supplements or fad diets, it allowed me to ignore a lot of noise, and focus where my focus would pay off.

I put a shot of a small aircraft as the feature image today, but it isn’t nearly as pretty as Scoobys ‘Dotty’.

Ahmic Air getting service

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