Day #29 January 18 2019


Weather: Stunt run!

The temperature was around the same, but with no wind, it barely qualifies as a ‘stunt run’. wind is reported, but I didn’t encounter much.

Minutesaverage hrtotal heartbeatsKMbeats/km

Again with the heartbeats under 1 beat per meter. 🙂

I started on the civilized side, going toward City Hall. The traffic light at Range Lake Road and Old Airport Road was part of the reason, but I also like to snoop around the building site.

Listened to another Joe Rogan Experience podcast. He was interviewing a monster today. Someone from our past who beat the fuck out of people, including assaulting women (if I recall correctly) and taking his aggression WAY too far in one case, literally biting an opponent in the ring.

Yes, he interviewed Mike Tyson.

This was a very good listen. I recommend giving it a listen, especially if his sport (boxing) or rough personal life are unpalatable to you. It was well worth hearing from him.

I doubt they’ll hear this, but thanks to both gentlemen for being so willing to open themselves to scrutiny.

So it was quite uneventful. I found my left foot feeling quite cold by the time I got to City Hall, but knowing that trails were going to be most of the rest of my run, I didn’t worry. I was right. My foot warmed up as soon as I was off the more civilized, paved paths.

Being daytime, I did use my sunglasses, but they frosted into uselessness fairly early on. I might have to craft some of those inuit-style glasses, for cold days. It was VERY bright out.

Home, with a good frost-mask and crusty foreskin

Training Tip:  Cannabis, running and PED’s

Since I smoke cannabis, I wanted to put out there, that it is considered by some endurance athletes as a ‘performance enhancing drug’. I don’t compete seriously in events, but do wonder if it will come up.

With Canada having made cannabis legal, will it still be treated the same way in sport? Or will it be treated more like having a beer? I guess we’ll see, but what I don’t want is to be cheating someone out of a ‘clean’ win, which is why I think it better to be pretty open about it.

Those athletes who did call cannabis ‘performance-enhancing’ were referring to the long training hours, and how it contributes there.

I guess in the end, it’s up to each individual athlete. For me, I don’t particularly care about the drugs someone might use, but honesty seems to be a best policy.

Hoarfrost Half Marathon, 2017

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