Day #32 January 21 2019

Weather: Stunt run!

It wasn’t the coldest night, but I left my sealhide gauntlets at home. After stopping to take a leak just before coop, all the snow melted on my gloves, and my hands and upper body were pretty chilly the rest of the way home.

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I was a bit reluctant today, due to the cold. I was out earlier for some snow clearing, so I knew I was right about it, but I’m glad I went anyway.

Going through the usual route, I saw a few others strolling, ran into Buddy the dog, and again had Stock Lake Trail all to myself.

Judy was kind enough to pop out at the end and take a few photos of my ice beard.


Icy danglers

Training Tip:  Walk up the stairs

For a few reasons, this makes good sense.

The stairs are often caked with snow and one of the more northern reasons is that the top of the hill is likely to be in the wind. Taking it a bit easy on the ascents allows me to be ready to run faster (to generate more heat) on the more chilling sections.

I do sometimes push up a hill, it isn’t always critical to my comfort to take it easy, but I generally plan an easy run, and crank up on the fly if I feel like it.

Headed down out of the wind, past the invisible hat

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