Day #34 January 23 2019


Weather: Stunt run!

Another cold day, but warmed by a friendly invitation to run with Paul and Mara.

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Today’s run started earlier than usual, in order to fit in with Mara’s schedule. Turned out to be a great choice. Beautiful, sunny and clear day. I have to say, daytime running is a whole other kind of pretty.

I ran some treats along, and offered them to Mara. She liked them, and hustled them into her food-carrying apparatus (her stomach) so we could get running.

Paul and Mara burn up my legs more than I do alone

Paul and Mara set a pretty stout pace, which had my heart rate significantly higher than it is when running alone. Fine with me, since it means I’ve set a good pace on the segment along the way, which is the subject of todays training tip, a favourite trail.

Training Tip:  Favourite trail – Marylyn Robertson Trail

This trail, described by the strava segment here, is the main route along the north side of Frame Lake. While the trail on the other side has paved trails, this side is bare rock with a few boardwalks and some lovely stairs.

She enjoyed every season on the trail

The side by City Hall is certainly called ‘McMahon Frame Lake Trail’, but I call this part differently because of a couple of memorial plaques which are at either end.

The strava segment is quite lively, with 121 competitors showing at the time of writing. Strava reports that this segment has 18m of elevation difference, but they don’t say how many times you get to do it.

I love Judi

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