Day #35 January 24 2019

Weather: Stunt run!

So big surprise – it’s cold.

Minutesaverage hrtotal heartbeatsKMbeats/km

Today, I took Old Airport Road all the way up to the highway, so I could come back via Meghan Trail, and Stock Lake Trail. Kept my heartbeats below 1 per meter, so that feels like a win…though I’m not sure why.

Usual frost face

It was an uneventful run, trails to myself as usual. Light aurora borealis, and lots of hoarfrost, making it well worth going.

Training Tip:  Free learn to run program

Scoobys run your fist mile, then a half marathon was the first running program I tried, and it worked well.

I especially recommend it for masters runners.

I was running with a treadmill at the time, and had a few of the workouts on the road. With an Android interval timer installed on my phone, it was easy to follow even then.

As suggested in Scoobys description, I had a few occasions to back off a bit, and still had a very satisfying first Half Marathon. It was the Hypothermic Half Marathon in Edmonton.


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