Day #36 January 25 2019

Weather: Stunt run!

Looks pretty nice out. I think I still got a good frost face though.

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Tonights run, on a busy Friday night in Yellowknife, runs straight through a club section of town, where revelers can enjoy Stake, The Monkey Tree and The Copper House. As I approached the intersection, I noticed a big RCMP truck there.

His loudspeaker came on, and he said ‘you’re doing great!’ while giving me the thumbs-up through the window.

I certainly don’t want to defy the reasonable request of a law enforcement officer. Especially one who had to work on a Friday night, instead of running. So off I went.

Hit Bristol, went through Meghan Trail to the Ceremonial Circle, then past the Black Knight.

Outside that pub, I saw a fellow who hadn’t seen me since I lost all the weight. I said hi, and Pat did recognize me after a few minutes.

Didn’t take me up on my invitation to come run though.

Halfway through the run, and halfway good frost-face

Training Tip:  Overflow

One of the more sinister hazards in this area is overflow. A classic example would be thick ice, with a foot or more of snow on it. This ice heaves, or melts, and a pool of water forms, hidden under the snow.

It looks just like the rest of the area, until you punch through to sink into the water.

I fairly steadily run well-traveled trails, so this is less likely to affect me. The last soaker I got this year was from a city leak, and the one before that was in the spring, splashing and giggling.

Dancing through the snow
Fort Resolution Fuel stop. Across the street from Tommy’s lively garden.

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