Day #42 January 31 2019

Weather: Stunt run!

I know I was going to take it easy, but the weather was SO nice, I wanted to celebrate. Besides that…

Today is my sweethearts birthday!

Last year, for Judi’s birthday, I ran a sort of endurance feat. I ran a route through a soft bush trail, out onto Great Slave Lake, up the shore to the Dettah Ice road, where I ran a happy birthday message into the road, then came back. When I was nearly home, yet short of my planned distance, she called me to give me some encouragement, and it worked. I added another few loops and finished. Check out the Relive here.

I zoomed in on my ‘writing’ here…a bit sloppy, but in my defence, my body had been tenderized already.

Minutesaverage hrtotal heartbeatsKMbeats/km

This year, I wanted to run something different for her birthday, so I decided to do the opposite – run my best 5k. Turns out a race effort yields a somewhat lower ‘beats per meter’ with an old heart.

No toque, mask, longjohns, third layer of sweater, or overmitts = hotter performance

So I left a layer at home, and felt it. I planned a route which would give me the best footing. I mostly got it, though along Kam Lake Road I was in the soft skidoo trail, and again on some parts of Frame Lake Trail.

The snow was packed, but not at its best. The slippery surface, combined with my speed desire and lots of corners, had me reflecting on form.

You see, I’m VERY strong in the legs. I almost never feel like my legs are the limiting factor. This means I push through a lot of things which might be better overcome another way.

Trying to accelerate after slowing for corners today, showed me that pushing doesn’t speed me up nearly as fast as leaning forward. Pushing with my legs caused my footing to slip, and wasted much of that effort. Focusing on leaning forward and bringing my legs up faster felt much more effective.

All that thinking, all those words, and it just amount to good form, as I should know very well already.

The cartoonish crap-footing of slippery snow really outlines the utility of that good form, though.

My speed over this route won’t seem impressive, even compared to me at other times, but my heart rate – averaging 149 bpm – shows the real story. I did great on this, effort-wise.

My Strava Challenge – shows that this effort was a 27:47 5k. Pretty good considering I had to wait at a couple traffic lights. And the cold and snow. I’m feeling pretty good about it, even if my body is a bit battered.

Training Tip: Ski socks – go high

On particularly cold days, knee socks made for skiing are a great choice. They keep your lower legs warm, and hold themselves up well.

Happy Birthday, Judi. I love you.

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