Day #44 February 2 2019

Weather: Stunt run!

Too cold.

Minutesaverage hrtotal heartbeatsKMbeats/km

Today was a short run, with a nice low beats per kilometer, and an even lower overall temperature.

The cold started in my hands. When I stopped at the first traffic light (about 1km along) I found it pretty noticeable. I kept my legs moving, to keep my blood pumping, and ran on as soon as I could. Another half-kilometer or so, and things were just getting worse, so I turned back, climbing the hospital hill first, so as to get more heat going.

Caught at the light again, I kept my legs going with high knee reaches, and took off as soon as I could. By the time I got most of the way home, my hands were warm enough, but my toes were pretty cold.

I considered extending the run, then rejected it. I could use some delicious recovery time anyway.

It turns out that my training buddy, Joe from Norman Wells, also had some extreme cold warnings. It also turns out he has a run planned tomorrow, too.

Joe on a training run in Norman Wells, N.W.T. – Photo credit Reza Boubudi

It’s great that Joe shares his runs with me. It’s easy to lose motivation, but having people like him reach out really helps me feel like I’m not doing it alone.

Training Tip: Bear / Coyote spray

When running trails, there is a greater chance of having an encounter with wildlife such as black bears, coyotes or wolves. Most of these encounters will be at a distance, and I would consider myself lucky to see them, but occasionally, there are conflicts. To be prepared for them, I bring along a can of bear spray. During the coldest weather, it has to stay inside my clothing, to remain liquid. This means it’s a lot slower to get to it, but there are fewer of these kinds of hazards in winter.

These ‘pepper spray’ deterrents should be practiced first, and it wouldn’t hurt to try it out in windy conditions. This is such a close-range tool, and the conflicts so exciting, that it pays to have a plan for how to use it.

All that practice should be wasted, of course. The best a trail user can do is arrange things so that there are no conflicts which damage wild fauna. We are supposed to be smarter than them, after all.

Klondike Road Relay 2018 – Leg 6

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