Day #46 February 4 2019

Weather: Stunt run!

What should I say? It was cold before, now it’s cold. I expect more cold later.

I think the warm half of winter is behind us.

Minutesaverage hrtotal heartbeatsKMbeats/km

Short runs seem to keep the heartbeats per kilometer lower. Then again, maybe it’s something about being colder than -50C.


80% of my runs this winter have been colder than -30C

I took my best hat out for a spin yesterday, and my sweetheart was kind enough to take some photos for me.

OK, full disclosure, I was worried it was too cold yesterday, so she drove to checkpoints along my route, so that I could bail out if I wanted to.

Thanks, Judi. I love you.

Got to keep the sun out of my eyes…

Getting back to today’s run, I took a short, easy one. Just over to Coop and back, by roads. My hands AND feet were cold for some reason, though I had the best of my stuff on. No big deal.

My hands were warmed up by the time I got home. I thought about heading back out for another few km, but it’s nice to finish a run wanting more.

Training Tip:  Athletes to Follow – Dave Proctor

One of the most inspiring athletes I have been following, is Dave Proctor.

I follow him on Strava, Instagram and in the news. I don’t remember how he first caught my eye, but his athletic achievements so far, are only half the story. Believe me, it’s an alarmingly big half.

One of his biggest upcoming stunts will be trying to beat the 24hour treadmill distance record. He’ll be making his attempt at the Calgary Marathon weekend in May, so if I finish in time, I might get a chance to meet him, or get a pic of him running.

But getting back to the record he is attempting. If you use a treadmill yourself, see if you can wrap your head around the previous record.

260.4km in 24 hours.

That’s 10.8km EVERY hour of that 24.

Or about 5:35/km pace for the ENTIRE 24 hours.

It’s his own record.

I’m so glad he is public about his efforts, and the bigger half of the story is his fundraising effort around Outrun Rare. It’s a worthwhile cause, and he clearly puts all he can and more into raising awareness for it. Even if you don’t follow him for his athletics, I hope you’ll give his cause your consideration. As a matter of fact, they just announced that they are seeking ambassadors through their outrunners program.

My favourite running hat

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