Day #47 February 5 2019


Weather: Stunt run!

Got myself out in the sunshine today, so I guess doing it the easy way.

Minutesaverage hrtotal heartbeatsKMbeats/km

Got a call on the way out the door, from a gentleman needing a key. Fortunately, he was very flexible, and met me along the way. Delivered the key over by Canadian Tire, and invited him to join me for the rest of my run. He didn’t say he didn’t appreciate the offer, but he didn’t park the care and join me, either.

I doubled back and ducked straight into the Marylyn Robertson trail, and headed over to the Legislative Assembly. I needed to check my phone around there, so stopped in since it offered a chance to warm my feet a bit.

Over to City Hall next, then ran across the lake again (the path is pretty good right now), then home again after, and quite enjoying the sunshine!

Training Tip: Strava route planning and sharing

Strava has a great tool in its’ route planner, which can be used in a number of ways.

First, you can plan routes in an unfamiliar running area, with their ‘heatmap’ feature. I find that this helps me to see which areas are most ‘in use’ for crossing major roads, rivers or other obstructions.

In addition to showing the heatmap, you may wish to have it display segments. This way you can plan a route which gives you the best chance to put your name out there.

Another handy feature, is that you can save a route, then share it with friends, who can then follow it with their mobile device.

It will print you a cue sheet, show a standard or satellite view, and add distance markers if you wish.

Lastly, it allows you to take a route from a previous run, so you can make a route out of a race course, even if the course itself was a bit ambiguous.

One of my favourite runs found this way, was a route around Tawayik Lake in Elk Island National Park. I’ve included a link to the route in the photo today. If you are in the Alberta area, come beat my 92:21 time!

Strava route planner helped me find this awesome 16km trail around Tawayik Lake, in Elk Island National Park, Alberta