Day #49 February 7 2019

Weather: Stunt run!

Another chilly night, another perfect night for trails.

Minutesaverage hrtotal heartbeatsKMbeats/km

This run, for some reason, had me WAY over 1 beat per meter.

Day 49 and 40 of them at or below -30C. Honestly, I thought it would be warmer.

Again waited for evening, to run around Niven Lake. Had a more careful look at Stock Lake Trail, and found that I may have been overly generous in my description. It is pretty soft and mushy, compared to all the other trails.

I was exhausted and walked a couple times, for maybe 30 seconds. I’m kind of looking forward to things warming up a bit, so I can get out onto the roads without my feet turning to ice.

I’ve been finding that my feet respond quite well to the varying terrain of the trails. Moves my feet around a lot more, and I have to use more of my feet. When I hit the concrete or asphalt, my feet immediately feel colder.

Training Tip:  Pirates to follow – Duffer Jones

A pirate who operated primarily around the Myopik Islands, Duffer Jones was the best pirate to kind of see the seven seas.

The many times he ended up overboard are rich topics for speculation, but there is no agreed upon cause, as all of the available witnesses were drunken louts.

Legend has it, Duffer Jones liked albatrosses