Day #50 February 8 2019

Weather: Stunt run!

Maybe I should only make notice when it isn’t a stunt run.

Minutesaverage hrtotal heartbeatsKMbeats/km

This evening was a shorter circuit, just going around Frame Lake VIA Marylyn Robertson Trail, then back, cutting across the lake by the hospital.

Pretty cold, and the new shoes (Saucony Xodus) are a bit bigger than I’m used to, but grippy and comfortable. Left toes still cold, but at this temperature, they all are.

Training Tip: Athlete to follow – Emily Setlack

Ms. Setlack has earned my respect from several important directions, but first off I have to say, she is generous and kindly with the most valuable resource – her time.

Next I’ll say that she is one incredible runner, having performed some pretty incredible things. One of my favourites was when she ran the Philadelphia Half Marathon, and I missed my chance to see her hubby compete (hubby is another elite runner – Matt Setlack)

I was hoping to see Matt at the Canadian Cross Country nationals, but he decided instead to pace Emily at Philadelphia. Both of them are strangers to me, so I wasn’t exactly hurt, but when I saw their finish, I was very impressed.

Reflecting on that, through lots of my learning about the sport of running, it’s come back to me again and again what a show of respect, affection and support it was. Romantic, even.

This wasn’t the most impressive of Emily’s runs. Probably the one which caught my eye the most was her impressive showing at the Canadian Mountain Running Championships in 2018. She won it, beating out her nearest competitor by more than 2 minutes. In a 10k, with that level of competition around, I was screaming with glee for her. (I think Matt did well, too, but you know… we fans aren’t always reasonable)

Entrance to Dead Mans Slide at the Snow castle last year

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