Day #52 February 10 2019

Weather: Warm, no wind, sticky snow

This might mean the end of the ‘stunt runs’ for awhile. I’m glad too. I think it was beginning to wear on me. Tonight felt AWESOME!

Minutesaverage hrtotal heartbeatsKMbeats/km

Ran around Niven Lake again today, but WHAT a difference a few degrees makes! My toes weren’t cold tonight, and neither was anything else. I even stopped to pee and didn’t get cold right away.

This is Molly, not coming along for the run.

I did install my new spats onto my other Inov8 shoes. The tied in easy, and I forgot about them right away.

I noticed that the snow at this temperature was a bit sticky and soft. It isn’t as bad as it is when it gets above -10C, but it’s noticeably softer than it was just a few days ago.

Training Tip: How to share dogsled trails

Running through dogsled trails should come with a few instructions. I’m no musher, but I do try to be a good neighbour.

Trails such as the one described yesterday are made and maintained mainly by local mushers. Of course you can expect to find snow machines, cross country skiers and other users, but since the mushers put so much into these trails, I think of them first.

First instruction – if you bring a dog along on your run, keep it under control.

You might not need a leash for that, but I recommend it. The dog team you encounter WILL be tied (to the traces/sled/musher) but if yours jumps in to say hi, mayhem ensues. Not always the cute kind. The dogs pulling the sleds are bred and trained for athletics, not for being good socially with strange dogs.

Second instruction – if you encounter a dogteam, they might be in the midst of a training run, or a race, so give them the trail.

I prefer to leap hilariously and dramatically, but mainly it’s good enough to just step aside.

I reached out to a local musher for more info, but he must have been busy mushing, because I haven’t heard back from him. So for now, that’s all I’ve got except to suggest you go watch a dogsled race. It’s quite exciting!

Leaping out of the way of the team