Day #53 February 11 2019

Weather: Beautiful

Warm, no noticeable wind, and the snow was a bit soft, a bit slippery, but as long as I wasn’t trying to hurry, a good surface to run on.

Minutesaverage hrtotal heartbeatsKMbeats/km

This run another warm and comfortable treat! I took the trail to Niven Lake, circled it, then came back through the trail again.

Lesser ice beard

So far over half a million heartbeats into running this winter. Every one feels good tonight. 🙂

It’s great to be free to wander a bit, since I like to be a bit more strict about my routes on stunt runs. I still made it by to brush off the Marylyn Robertson Trail sign.

I think with the warmer weather, it’s going to snow again soon, which means tougher trails to come, even if the temperature does stay above -30C.

Training Tip: Athlete to follow – Rich Holmes

Last year, at the Yellowknife Marathon, I had time to photograph it, and enjoyed watching all the runners enjoying their finishes.

One of those was Rich. He is a marathon maniac, and his run at last years ‘Overlander Multi-Sport Marathon’ was over a 6 hour effort (in part due to choosing a route which gave him an extra couple of delicious miles) It was also his 689th marathon (according to Marathon Maniac)

I looked him up after meeting him there, and found him to be very open about his running life. He shared spreadsheets which had all his historic running data going back decades, which he shares monthly. This sheet also includes his upcoming races, so I might get a chance to run with him one day.

Rich has run 5 or more marathons on every continent, and so many miles in his life that, unless you can start early, there isn’t much hope of catching him.

Look for him in the roster of your local marathon. Odds are he’ll be there eventually.

Rich crossing the finish line at the YK Marathon

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