Day #54 February 12 2019

Weather: Sunny and warm, with sundogs

Minutesaverage hrtotal heartbeatsKMbeats/km

Chose some different clothing today, and chose a bit light. I was cold through most of this run, so cut it a bit short. Not a bad thing, I still got a good workout in, but I would like to be more comfortable stopping for a bit.

Firmly over half a million heartbeats into this training cycle

Took the Marylyn Robertson Trail around to the Legislative Assembly again, then the normal route home, crossing the small part of the lake (just to avoid the hills)

I can’t WAIT for my hair to turn grey!

Training Tip:  Singletrack passing

When running on singletrack, there is no room to pass. The best way to handle this is, if someone can pass you, let them.

In some races, this is a clear rule, but it makes sense in the trails too.

Molly bounding along behind Judi on the Amisk Wuche Trail in Elk Island National Park

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