Day #55 February 13 2019

Weather: Stunt run!

Well, at night it was, anyway. The afternoon run was a couple degrees warmer, but felt colder.

Today’s run was a split-shift, with one run being a quick effort around half of Frame Lake. That one was DELICIOUS!

I wore less socks than I should have, and being cold made me run it a bit harder. I really liked it. I didn’t get record-setting times or anything, but it felt pretty wonderful.

Minutesaverage hrtotal heartbeatsKMbeats/km

Later on, I went to run a workout loop downtown with a couple of people from Cam’s learn to run group. (you are seeing both of my combined workouts in the above chart)

The archaeologist had a dog along, and the rugby player didn’t. I got distracted by the pretty lights and snowfall, but I did manage to count off interval times correctly. All that focus on counting though, and by the end they were both interested in playing rugby, so now I can’t tell them apart at all…

It was pretty cool to hang out with them. I hope to do more of it soon. Duke was a good boy, in case anyone asks. (Duke the Yellowdog, I mean. Feature pic below not related)

Frost really helps see the scratches in a lens

Training Tip: Run the tangents

An article authored by Matt Setlack on the Team Setlack blog, brought this to my attention. Those few extra steps you take while taking a corner wide, are steps you could have avoided, if you were in a hurry.

It is one clear and tangible improvement to your race performance, which doesn’t require any fitness improvement. It does take a bit of focus, and in order to cause it to take less focus on race day, I make it a regular practice, when traffic allows.

So look for the shortest path from one curve to another, along the course.

Duke Blackdog

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