Day #57 February 15 2019

Weather: Beautiful afternoon for a run

Today was warm, sunny and gorgeous, so I took along my big camera.

I’ll try to give you a bit of an idea of how lucky I am, to be able to do this every day.

At least the visual part. Man, this trail is incredible!

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First, I want to mention that I thought about treadmill runners today, while walking up a hill. I am reminded that the treadmill is relentless, where my runs can have a variety of reasonable interruptions. Kudos to you who are running indoors.

Getting started

I had an unknown package notice on my door yesterday, so I decided to take a chance that it was small, and headed downtown to pick it up on foot.

It was a Petzl Bindi running light that I had won, in their ‘Petzl Night Running‘ challenge on Strava and instagram. It’s actually the second one I won. They awarded me one for a photo I submitted, and another from a random draw. I was so excited, I lost track of which one was which.

After unpacking the light and tossing the packaging, I started back toward Somba K’e Park. I was just getting into a groove, when some random tourists reminded me to take a photo of Elon Muskox, which I did.

Getting back to business, I decided to head over to the Legislative Assembly first, then went into the trail there.

This is NOT Daniel, just a passing skier

I crossed paths with a stranger. His name was Daniel, and he told me that on the hilltops, where it was windiest, I would have the wind at my back. It was a warm thought.

I stopped to photograph one of my favourite parts of this trail. It is still way more beautiful in person. Maybe I should try to photograph it in the morning. Anyway, you can see the kind of trail surface I’m using, and it is a best running surface, soft yet firm.

Marylyn Robertson Trail

Side-note, what you see in the next photo, crossing this trail are the tracks of a mighty Canadian wilderness beast – the bunny.

I’ve highlighted the tracks, and direction of travel, for those who are unfamiliar.

Next, I put my camera right down into the track, to give a closer look at it. And the footprint left by my juicy new Saucony Xodus trail shoes.

Tracks of xodus

I stopped at the Frame Lake Overlook to take a shot looking back. This trail is quite easy to find on a day like today. If the snow falls, or blows over it though, it can vanish easily.

Once I got out of the trail, the story gets a bit less interesting, so I’ll leave you there.

Yellowknife transit

Training Tip: Athlete to follow – Cameron Twa

My good friend and ‘Walk to Tuk‘ team Captain, Cam, is a great runner. He has learned to rebuild himself from open-heart surgery, to international marathon finishes. That itself is pretty awesome, but the most inspiring thing about him might be how well he encourages other runners.

I was fortunate to be a member of his team for the Klondike Road Relay last year, and after finishing his brutally tough, hilly segment, he drove around the course supporting others, and cheering us in.

On that team was a runner who had met Cam by taking a learn to run course he put on – for free – for strangers. (side-note, she is currently the runner most likely to run cold, hard winter trails with me)

He has started a new learn to run group, to share with more strangers. This group started in the middle of a Yellowknife winter, and I’m amazed at how many people are out having a lovely time in this weather.

You can follow Cam on strava, or find him running or volunteering at some local races.

Cam, Judi and I

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