Day #58 February 16 2019

Weather: Stunt run!

It might look cold by the numbers, and my glasses had to come off (a sign of cold) but WOW what a beautiful night!

Minutesaverage hrtotal heartbeatsKMbeats/km

Tonights run was the usual route, with the Stock Lake Trail in and Niven Lake out.

I think this is a stranger, but I can’t be sure, he was too fast.

There is open water flowing between the Coop parking lot and Old Airport Road, which may be raising the floor in the skidoo tunnel. I feel like I had to duck, but that might also have been because that is about 2 km along, and right about then I generally start to feel like I’m 8 feet tall and bristling with hair.

The rest of the run was as expected, but for some reason it was a lot more enjoyable while I was doing it, and even more just now after.

This weekend I’m also celebrating an Alberta tradition – Family Day. I have a treasured Alberta family member here to enjoy, and we hit Prosperous to learn to make doughnuts. A great afternoon!

I love you, Ms. J!


Training Tip: Audiobook for Northern Trails – Call of the Wild

The best accompanyment for running through a forest of stunted trees, bare rock and packed snow, might just be this classic title written by Jack London.

Set in the 1890’s, it follows the main character from a posh, warm California life into a brutally harsh life on the Yukon Trail.

A free version is available on Librivox for download. It’s worth many times the price.

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