Day #59 February 17 2019

Weather: Stunt run!

Tonight was cold, but DAMN my socks are good. I felt fine, even shedding one pair of gloves after a half hour or so.

Minutesaverage hrtotal heartbeatsKMbeats/km
Thanks for the photo, Judi

With all the heartbeats yesterday, I almost forgot to mention, I was struck by a wild animal.

Just before hitting the trail merge, along Marylyn Robertson Trail, I heard a noise, then felt something brushing my leg. Immediately a ptarmigan exploded into my view, and flew off threateningly.

My heart pounded for a few minutes, and I got back to it.

Tonight was a bit less exciting, but it was a great night for it. I was going to take a different route, but I got lost a little. The segment I created would have been a bit longer, and my route would have been a bit different, but I get lost a lot.

I’m so glad I have enough cardio ability that it isn’t a problem to keep going.

Training Tip: Strava Segment Creation

Strava offers even it’s free users, the option of creating segments to share with everyone.

I created one today, from a bush trail near the Con Mine site, out to the end of Ptarmigan Road. Here is the link.

Create a segment to race your friends by choosing a route, then go to run it.

Do a good job on the run, and when you get home, go into your browser, view the run, look for the wrench icon, and create a segment.

Adjust the sliders to highlight the area you want to include in your segment, and pick a name which others can understand.

After creating your segment, it will only show your effort, but wait a bit, and it will populate that list with every strava user who has publicly run it going back until 2015 or so.

While it is an unsupervised competition, you can still enjoy competing against friends and strangers. Come run my freshly created segment!

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