Day #62 February 20 2019

Too fast for a close-up

Weather: Stunt run!

I didn’t remember to grab a screenshot this morning, but it was just barely below -30C with the wind chill.

Minutesaverage hrtotal heartbeatsKMbeats/km

Awesome sunrise run with Alex from my Klondike Road Relay.

She set a perfect pace, and didn’t mind too much when I interrupted to take photos. In my defense, it was GORGEOUS out there!

Alex patiently trying to soak up solar energy to stay warm while I muck around with my camera

She also got a ‘CR’ on a strava segment. Knowing this athlete a bit, my guess is that she would say something about not being very fast, or such.

Here are some facts to offer perspective: very few strava users take on this segment at all and no female strava athletes have yet. Ever.

I’ve done this segment 37 times this year, and she was a mere 19 seconds behind my best 2019 time.

My guess is that a lot of people are daunted by the prospect of running across a frozen lake, or need more consistent surfaces to achieve their training objectives.

Alex is officially a badass, in my book. I feel a bit out of my league to have been on a team with her.

Chasing Alex and the sunrise

Also I was excited to add someone new to my ‘runwithme’ list, and to count one more ‘friend run’ this year.

Training Tip: Safety drill – do it with your friends and make it serious

I find it’s useful, if a bit off-putting, to discuss safety about trail-running in context. Usually, I stop mid-way through a deep part of the trail and ask ‘if I fell over dead, and you hurt your leg here, would you be comfortable waiting patiently for rescue?

It may be a shitty thing to do to a person who is enjoying a runners high, but I think going over this in your mind will yield good information about what to do to achieve your personal balance of safety and adventure.

So get your friends involved. They are likely to be smarter than you one by one, and ALWAYS smarter than you when teamed up. If you are REALLY lucky, they’ll share some of their ideas with you.

City Sign warning the meek away from that strava segment

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