Day #63 February 21 2019

Weather: Stunt run!

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Todays run was the usual route, and just before coop I stopped to snap a shot of the overflow. It isn’t dangerous tonight, but it looks like it could flood the tunnel again any time. And it also looks like it has overflowed lately.

Heading in to the trail toward Stock Lake, I decided to try turning off all my lights and ran a bit in the dark. It was a weird experience, definitely slower, and WAY creepier. I’ll have to try it again!

After crossing to touch the Niven Trail, I headed back.

The lights have been off in Somba K’e Park for a few nights now, and I just got a review on instagram of my post from 1 year ago, and the lights were on then.

I wonder if someone got annoyed at all the pretty lights.

Training Tip: Garmin Live Track

One of the safety measures I make use of is a Garmin feature called Live track. It has been a bit irregular, working sometimes and not others. It even disappeared from the ‘Garmin Connect’ app for a time, but has been steady now for a few months.

When I use it as a further safety backup, I start it before I leave the house, ensure that Judi has received the email, and she can follow my route, live, from a browser.

One of the freight handlers at Buffalo, as seen from the ramp

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