Day #64 February 22 2019

Weather: Stunt run!

Cool, clear with hard, sticky trails.

Minutesaverage hrtotal heartbeatsKMbeats/km

Easy, chilly evening as usual. Ran the usual route, the usual way.

Stopped in to the Black Knight to say hi to Judi. A comedy of errors. I failed to turn my light off, twice, blinding unsuspecting drunks. When I did get it turned off, and completed my circuit of the place, I didn’t see anyone I knew, and headed out. It turned out, the art battle was at the Top Knight.

I’m better at trails than I am at Public Houses.

Home along Franklin for a change, and since I so seldom run flat roads, I fell into turning up the speed, cooking along faster than 5:00/km for a bit. I think it will be good to try out some road running for a change. It felt good to stretch out, lead with my hips and fall into that fast running.

Training Tip: Gamify your friend runs

I’ve been keeping track of how many of my runs have been with friends

My running spreadsheet has a section where I track a few things for the friends I run with. Total kms, average, and frequency. I can play friend A against friend B, and whoever wins, I end up inspired to go out and run more.

With my friends.

A rare in-person run with my Normal Wells training partner, on McMahon Frame Lake Trail