Day #65 February 23 2019

Weather: Stunt run!

Again. This time warmed by running with a good friend.

Minutesaverage hrtotal heartbeatsKMbeats/km

At least for the bit I could keep up with him.

I ran down to Paul’s place to run with him. Mara had a loop with us, then elected to stay at home, while Paul and I ran our planned route.

Or tried to.

I just couldn’t keep up. That guy is FAST!

I snapped into shape and busted my ass to keep up, mostly doing sub-6: kilometers, but I couldn’t do it long. I don’t know if it is that extra layer or two (I was dressed for the cold) but there was no way I was keeping that pace longer.

This also highlighted a bit of re-education for me. When I run hard early in a run, I HAVE to slow down later. This isn’t a problem, unless it gets cold, which makes me want to run faster.

But I can’t, because I blew everything I had trying to keep up with Paul for the first few kilometers.

Since he was pulling ahead anyway, I decided to get out of the highway wind, and duck back through the trail. I wasn’t trying to take a shortcut and get ahead of him. Well, maybe a little, but it didn’t work. He’s even faster than shortcuts.

The trees kept the wind off for the most part, which gave me a chance to run a bit easier. Once I got out of the trail at Coop, I looked for him, but he was already past me. So there is no photo of him. All I have to memorialize our run is a higher-than-average garmin ‘Aerobic Training Effect’ and a general feeling of being out-performed.

Training Tip: Athlete to follow – Paul ‘Rapid‘ Falvo

If you heard about him on national media, you probably know his running style is ‘smooth jazz’. I don’t know about that, but I’ve followed along by text, while he did a marathon, alone, under some trying conditions. Then he found one that was 60 or 80 degrees warmer, and went and did it again. He also named this blog.

Paul mainly trains in the NWT, dividing his runs between the City streets, remote communities and the occasional international marathon. His next race is the Calgary Marathon 50k in May 2019

I was once fast enough to get ahead of Paul for a photo. With my truck.

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