Day #66 February 24 2019

Weather: Stunt run!

Another stunningly beautiful bit of cold. It’s very predictable this time of year.

Walk To Tuk party
A pack of walk-to-tuk-ers

Earlier today, I joined some of my team members for a ‘Walk To Tuk’ event at Somba K’e Park. We were all there to celebrate this season and walk a bit together, finishing with a cup of hot cocoa.

The hot cocoa was enough to attract some tourists as well.

Cam and Grace serving up hot cocoa to all comers

After I got back, I was delighted to see that a stranger, Mr. A., had ran the HECK out of a strava segment across Frame Lake.

Mr. A. contacted me, through instagram or strava, seeking info about running in the cold. I shared what I could, and encouraged him to come carve his name into a couple segments, and WOW did he ever.

This one in particular. You might notice that he is not on the very top, but don’t let that fool you. The temperature across the season can vary by nearly 40 degrees, and it makes a HUGE difference in performance.

I wanted to try the same one today. I shortened my usual route, planning to run the heck out of that segment. I decided to spend everything trying.

What I can say for sure, is that it was a very cold day, I put everything I had tonight into trying to beat him. I got him by three seconds, but it was truly ALL I could do.

I was pretty stoked to see that he enjoyed running in it, especially since it is so different than the southern US where he runs now.

Now on to today’s run.

Minutesaverage hrtotal heartbeatsKMbeats/km

Just the shortest way to go attempt an 1100m race across Frame Lake.

Best run I could have had. I don’t usually remember exactly how it went, but this started as I began the segment, and kept me pounding VERY well all the way through.

This song should almost qualify as a performance-enhancing drug.

Training Tip: Favourite Trail – Frame Lake Crossing  Winter Fartlek

I always enjoy seeing how tourists enjoy the Yellowknife area, and must admit I stalk instagram geographically looking for those fresh views.

Mr. A. helped me see how much I love this particular bit of ‘winter only’ trail, the Lake it crosses, and the lovely park at the City Hall end.

The trail itself is marked by Strava segments in both directions. (Somba K’e Park to Coop / Coop to Somba K’e Park)

Once the trail has been packed down by lots of traffic, it’s pretty good to run on. It is, of course, flat and fast, with pylons strung out describing the path, and if it’s snowing too much to see them, maybe you should be indoors drinking hot cocoa instead.

If the weather is good, it’s a lovely trail segment, with a prestigious leaderboard.

My favourite art piece in the city, ‘United in Celebration’, which marks one end of this fartlek