Day #69 February 27 2019

Weather: Stunt run!

Seemed VERY warm, but when I checked after, it sits just cold enough to count as a stunt.

Minutesaverage hrtotal heartbeatsKMbeats/km

I had a terrific visit from a neighbour today, as I was getting ready to go run.

The cannabis may have prevented frost buildup.

It was worth taking the slight delay.

He and I had a mutual friend, who passed away a short time ago. That friend had started a garden before he died, and the harvest took place recently. My neighbour brought a small sample of that last harvest, which we enjoyed while toasting his memory.

My run today was delightfully high, and even more elevated by my memories of our departed friend. I ran the ‘normal’, or small loop around Frame Lake quicker than usual, feeling pretty lively and energized. I don’t know if that was Andy’s weed, or his memory.

I missed you today, Mr. B.

Last harvest

Training Tip: Sock talk 

1 good pair – not two.

I added a second layer of socks once, in a desperate attempt to fight off the cold.

This compressed my foot inside the shoe, so wasn’t warmer. Also, the tighter shoe knocked off by big toenails (4 – 6 months later). It was weird…they were slightly discoloured the night I did it, then they slowly looked worse until months later, falling off near painlessly.

One good pair of socks seems to be a better choice. In addition, I make doubly sure my socks are completely dry.

It’s also worth loosening the toe box of your shoe a bit if you can, which will trap more warm air around your toes. Air is a WAY better insulator than whatever the shoe companies are using.

A friend of mine has had some success by using pieces of sheared beaver fur. More developments in that area are worth exploring.

Somba K’e Park, and a favourite sculpture