Day #72 March 2 2019

Weather: Sunny, warm and delightful

So warm, in fact, that I had my hat in my pocket for awhile.

I noticed the ‘Coop corner leak’ looks even worse today.

I don’t envy the guy who has to retrieve the pylons and sign.

Anyway, there were a lot of people out enjoying the day. Lots of x-skiers out on Frame, including one hilariously challenged by gravity. (skis looked well-waxed, so at least that’s good)

Just past the Leg., there is a skidoo trail which I take over to the Stock Lake Trail. It looks like this:

Truly a delight to run, but not a ‘fast’ surface. Not with these rollers and the sled-chewed surfacing.

As I got near the entrance, there were a couple tourists looking for directions to Jackfish Lake. I told them how to get there, but for some reason, they seemed to want to go slower than me.

A bit further on, I saw more traffic (?!?!) in the form of a man and his dog. From the smell, I think I interrupted a doobie. Protocol be damned – I stopped to pet his beagle anyway. Cute little guy, with booties and sweater. (I mean the dog)

Training Tip: Favourite trail – Stock Lake Trail

This trail is defined by Strava segments eastbound, and westbound.

The pink line in the above map. Not a very long trail, but one of my favourite places to run. It avoids the sharper hills of the main Frame Lake Trail, and usually is empty. I’ve spotted rabbits and coyotes more often than humans, and it is still right inside the city, and a reasonable shortcut from Niven to Coop or the cemetery.

East end of Stock Lake Trail, where it turns north to head to the Bristol area