Day #73 March 3 2019

Weather: Clear, cool and comfortable

Minutesaverage hrtotal heartbeatsKMbeats/km

Easy small loop around Frame Lake. It’s warmed up and that makes it a bit easier to run the trails, but the sidewalks and especially driveways were absolutely polished. I didn’t fall, but I didn’t run fast either.

This run I was considering doing ‘the Mona’, but changed my mind last minute, and did a usual trail run. The trail was a better choice. There were auroras smearing the sky through the whole run. This is the best place on earth to run.

Fill in the blank – ‘STOP Take in the <blank>’

Training Tip: Visibility style

The style I choose most often for running clothing, is jarring.

This is an irregular effort to make it easy for traffic to spot me. When I have a choice, say, between grey and a kind of bile-green, you can guess which way it’s going to go.

Occasionally, I pass on an otherwise good clothing item. For example, someone lost a sweater on Stock Lake Trail last summer, so it was hung on a branch. No-one seems to be coming for it, so I could have a free sweater. Unfortunately, it is the colour of snow, and I don’t want to blend in.

Robin, looking back to admire our visibility style