Day #74 March 4 2019

Weather: Stunt run!

Impossibly blue sky, amazingly good trails, shockingly slippery sidewalks and driveways.

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Ran out early in the day, so that I am ready to lead the learn-2-run group tonight. Glad I did.

I strapped on my camera, and headed out in the chill. What a BEAUTIFUL morning! Somba K’e Park was in fine form.

Mining equipment with the museum in the background

My favourite is the trail though, and it didn’t disappoint today.

Split leading to Stock Lake Trail

I know that by denying responsibility, many of my loved ones will blame me immediately, but it’s true – I didn’t do this bit of graffiti.

The only boobie I’ve seen on the trail so far this year

This notice had me thinking about whether I should promote fake news. On the one hand, the information about snow, and where it was, was spot-on. As to the bear, though, the arrow points to tracks, but they look very much like rabbit tracks.

Is this notice about snow, and bear? Or a snowbear?

This one was me – just thought it might be worth advertising the blog physically. I bet no-one finds it that way though.

90 Dark Nights in daylight

This spot is a favourite, especially in winter. Coming up this hill is hard work, of course, but as it crests, I get exposed to whatever wind is around, and there is a sudden kind of excitement as I speed up to keep my limbs from hardening up in the cold.

Marylyn Robertson Trail

By the time I get to my favourite stairs, the trees have hugged the cold out of me, or it feels that way.

My favourite stairs, again.

As I got out of the trail, I met a few gentlemen who were hauling a load of recycling across the lake. They stopped out of the wind with me to chat a few minutes. They were sharing gloves, the load, and a pretty damned nice day.

Preston and associates

Training Tip: Favourite gear – pants

I like pants, and use them almost all the time. I’ve been in and out of a lot of pants over the years, for a lot of different purposes.

The pants I’m talking about today though, go through a lot more trauma than most pants I’ve used.

My winter running pants.

Got them at MEC, and it was a few years ago. I think this is their third winter in service.

This winter, I’ve worn them almost every run. They ARE showing wear, but are still looking pretty damned good considering the horrible treatment I’ve given them. Repeated, unspeakable horrors which some of you runners will understand.

These photos are an attempt to show the worst of their accumulated damage, but there really isn’t much to show.

Yours Truly displaying those very pants, a jacket and several pairs of shoes ago