Day #75 March 5 2019

Weather: Bright, beautiful day with warm temperatures and greasy-slick driveways.

Minutesaverage hrtotal heartbeatsKMbeats/km

Today was extra nice. Ran into Cam just a few minutes before ducking down into the trail. He and a pal had just ran the segment crossing Frame Lake (following my route with RG last night). On the spur of the moment, I decided that if my legs had enough left in them after the trails, I would try the 1100m as a ‘race effort’.

I’m not as fast this way as the other. Maybe this way is uphill…? Anyway, it felt GREAT to crank out the extra effort. I had to swerve off the trail in a couple of places to pass other users, but it just made it that much more fun, running in the deep stuff a bit.

I’m pleased with my effort, all in all. I achieved first place this year (so far!) narrowly squeezing out ‘Brad and Doggos’. A proud moment 🙂

The smoothest part of the trail, the hardest part, wasn’t the best to run on today. It was slick, and the slightly irregular snow on the edges was the best, traction-wise.

Training Tip: Hydration – predict your needs

With hydration, there are of course methods for carrying, but I want to mention more about prep and prediction.

For many of my runs, I don’t bring any water. My practice has been to be well pre-hydrated, so that running for 2 hours is usually no problem, and my plan includes copious amounts of water available when I finish.

Each run is different, and I do bring some, but planning has taken care of more of my thirst needs than anything I have carried.

Does this look ok to drink? (bottom of ‘the Escalator’ – circa 2017)