Day #76 March 6 2019

Weather: Sunny and warm with light wind

Minutesaverage hrtotal heartbeatsKMbeats/km

Today I set my watch wrong, so it looks like a treadmill run, but I was out there, REALLY I was!

You could ask the guy on the fatbike, or the guy skiing, but I didn’t see who they were…

Training Tip: Favourite gear – Noxgear Tracer360

Judi, out of concern for my visibility running at night, found this product online a few years ago. It’s probably the most ‘disco’ running item I own (and I own a big white cowboy hat!)

The website can give you all the technical details, so I’ll just give my experience.

I contacted the company early, and after spreading their name around the Yellowknife Social Runners group, they gave us a discount code.

Noxgear also provided several free 360’s, which have been handed out vigorously. (one even got to Norman Wells)

This was already pretty good, but I damaged my light once, between the cold and rough handling. They immediately sent out a replacement part, and provided good instructions to affect repairs.

It’s been over a year since replacing the strand, and with my more careful handling, it hasn’t been a problem for me since.

This unit is in near-daily service, with a brutal cold on one side, and a sweaty guy on the other. Somehow, it doesn’t even go through many sets of AAA batteries. (I think I’ve replaced one set this winter)

It’s a LOT more visible than a still picture indicates.

Is that a whisky flask in my pocket, or am I just happy to show off my Noxgear?