Day #77 March 7 2019

Weather: Warm and beautiful.

Not a cloud in the sky. One of the awesome things about living here is the consistent weather. Hope that doesn’t jinx me.

Minutesaverage hrtotal heartbeatsKMbeats/km
It feels like spring is close to bursting out

After running by the shiny looking leak corner, had a good Stock Lake loop. Very little traffic, as usual. Once I came out at the tourist end, that changed. Lots of big parkas and cameras around.

Enjoyed taking the trail back, instead of crossing to coop.

Training Tip: Food – how many calories to carry?

When running longer distances, it’s not only important to bring enough food to fuel the run itself, but a bit extra depending on circumstances. Carrying enough to eat about 300 calories per hour is my target for runs (beyond 2 hours) and other than that, I usually just carry a clif bar in case I need to wait a bit extra somewhere. I haven’t gone much more than 3 hours at a time yet, but it’s coming. I expect I’ll learn more the hard way.

So far, I expect to use something I’ve tried lots, and tried on a run, within those limits, but may try a recipe of my own.

Don’t leave yourself foraging for caribou cabbage and wild mushrooms