Day #80 March 10 2019

Weather: Warm, with good footing, if a bit slippery

Today’s run was a bit earlier than usual, but it was a GREAT time to be out. Bright, beautiful sunny day, and a new run buddy makes it even nicer.

Minutesaverage hrtotal heartbeatsKMbeats/km

I took off the usual way, crossing the lake to Somba K’e Park, then over to Niven. I got there a bit early, so ran down Don Jossa Way (a bit fast, or so it seemed) to meet the girls.

We climbed back up hill, explaining our plan for the run (Leah is new to distance running) and split up at the Niven Loop. We used her heart as a timer, running when it felt good, then walking to recover when she heard her breath. She didn’t stop often, and seems to have MUCH better pacing than I expected. Our intervals were very regular, despite her using her breath instead of a timer to set them.

If there isn’t a selfie, did we even run?

After seeing them off, I headed back through the trails. It occurred to me that making a decent ‘Relive‘ might tempt them to retrace my steps, through some of my favourite trails. I hope it works. I lost a glove along the way today.

Training Tip: Relive

One way to relive your runs is to get the app.

Relive is an app which creates video fly-overs of your run, with photographs geolocated. Here is a link to my run today, including a photo of today’s group.

Dettah Ice Road on another sunny day