Day #82 March 12 2019

Weather: Warm overcast and soft footing with light snow

Today I ran my Sunday route in order to look for my missing mitt. Didn’t find it.

Minutesaverage hrtotal heartbeatsKMbeats/km

I wore my (sort of new) orange jacket, and it felt like a MUCH better run because of it. It was like I found more spring in my step, and more energy in general. Amazing how much difference a cool new jacket can make.

Unless, of course, it was the fact that today was the first day out with some new shoes.

Ok, it probably was the new shoes.

New set of Inov8 Rocklite 290


Training Tip: Favourite Trail – Tawayik Lake Loop and how I found it

Tawayik Lake is a lake in Elk Island National Park. I hadn’t ever seen it, or heard of it, but when I found out I would be going to Elk Island, I decided to check strava for segments in the area.

Happy me, in the middle of that first run around Tawayik Lake

Using the ‘Segment Explore‘ feature showed a few in that Park, and the Tawayik Lake Loop (titled ‘Elk Island NP Trail 9 Tawayik Lake’ in Strava) was pretty interesting. It was a ‘good run’ for me, distance-wise, and a few others had already completed it.

Looking at the athletic profiles of others from the leaderboard, told me what a ‘runner like me’ could expect, in terms of time.

I enjoyed a GREAT run, that I probably wouldn’t have considered without this kind of information.

McMahon Frame Lake Trail